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Best Practices

The list below presents the studies that published in the framework of LoCPro project.

LoCPro Best Practice Study

LOC.PRO. Project “ Support and promotion of tipical local products ”
On the cover: Lefkada - “Robòtis Dimìtris e Soci” espositive hall of the farm.
The best thanks for photos to G. Cataldi (from S. Pietro Vernotico - BR) and E. Fiorillo (from Lefkada - Greece)
With the contribution of
Study cover2.jpg
You can download the files from here:


The “Best Practice” Study was realized by the Province of Brindisi in the ambit of Interreg Project IIIA Greece – Italy 2000-2006 - “Support and promotion of typical local products“ The general objective is that of promoting typical local products, protecting and developing quality, and promoting the image of the area through a system of common control and certification. The project plans to promote the birth of a consortium aimed at introducing and promoting a common “trade mark" between Greek and Apulian companies working in the touristic and agro-alimentary sectors. In this context, through the study of best practices, the Province of Brindisi, a partner of the project, set up an activity for the comparison and identification of particularly significant practices (recognized as Best Practices) put in place when promoting typical local products by other European, National and local organizations. The best practices have been investigated in their entirety with the intention of providing guidelines for entrepreneurs wanting to expand the market for their local products. The study foresees a first part that is dedicated to the pin-pointing of “best practices”, to the methodology of the survey and to the choice of the indicators used in their classification. In the 2nd part the results obtained from the interviews with 10 Greek and Italian entrepreneurs (using a questionnaire aimed at gathering best practices) are re-elaborated, and these are then proposed as suggestions and useful indications for entrepreneurs wanting to expand their markets. The third part provides a normative overview, the tools and the procedures that promote typical agro-alimentary products. The study also foresees, as an annex, the “Case Studies”: interviews carried out with local entrepreneurs on both sides of the Mediterranean (IT, GR), and the in depth reports of the projects pin-pointed during the benchmarking phase. The entire study together with annexes(Italian and English) is also available on CD-ROM.


  • The methodology of the survey
  • What is a Best Practice?
  • The pin-pointing of Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • The questionnaire as an instrument for identifying and sharing Best Practices
  • Questionnaires Analysis: Outcomes
  • Best Practices identification Criteria
  • Traditional Sausage from Lefkada
  • The typical products scenario and possible paths in order to obtain the best return for the typical agricultural and food products
  • Valorization Paths for agricultural food quality productions: quality and collective labels
  • Costs-Benefits Analysis of geographic denominations (DOP and IGP)
  • The regulation of DOP, IGP and traditional products
  • Traditional agro-alimentary
  • The regulation of the collective brand
  • Abbreviations and meaning

Case studies


Mandorlato and Santa Mavra pastelli
Traditional Lefkada Salami
Traditional soaps (Patini)
“Lefkadìtiki ghì” wine (Area of Lefkada)


“L'Oro del Parco” Project