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Leader+ Contact Point (European Commission – GD Agriculture and Rural Development) The “Leader+ Contact Point” web site ( provides you with a variety of information tools to help you with your more detailed requests for contacts and project information:

  • - the European database of Leader+ good practices, the common tool for disseminating selected examples on the implementation of the Leader+ initiative within the European Union. The tool is limited to the 15 pre-enlargement Member States. The good practice examples are activities supported by Leader+ Local Action Groups.
  • - the European Database of Transnational Cooperation Projects. This database is the common tool for exchanging information about the implementation of transnational cooperation. It provides useful information about those projects approved under the Leader+ initiative. For each one listed there are contact details of the participating partners, and a description of: common cooperation objectives; the joint action plan;legal aspects; the expected outputs and results, and financial information.
  • The Italian portal of Leader Network
  • The “italian portal of Leader Network” web site
(, provides you:
- Study cases on Best Practices (December 2006)
- Study cases on Best Practices (December 2005)
  • The Greek portal of Leader Network
Bio& Tipico Portal
  • The web site provides you with a variety of studies, reserches and market survey
- chain studies
- Production guide lines and disciplinaries
- Marketing organizing models
- Bio-handbooks
  • In paricular the section called “Typical productions” contains:
- a list of traditionalproducts from Puglia
- an atlas of typical products from Puglia
  • Study and Market survey:
- Foodstuff European Market and the role of Apulian produtctive system
- Apulian foodstuffs
- Products touchy to recognition DOP and IGP
- Paths to increase the value of typical productions
  • Costs and benefits of geographic names (DOP and IGP)
- Giovanni Belletti, Andrea Marescotti, (AgriregioniEuropa n°3, Number 8 March 2007)
  • Leader+magazine n.7/2007 (DG Agri- European Commission)
Special artiche on leader web creation
  • Leader+magazine n.3/2005 (DG Agri-European commission)