Welcome to Personalized Open Distance Learning Platform

The LoCPro  II Distance Learning System aims to help individuals to earn knowledge regarding the production and promotion of local characteristics products . The project focuses in the provinces of Bari and Brindisi part of Apulia and on the former prefectures of Achaia, Lefkada and Corfu part respectively of Western Greece and Ionian Islands regions, but the seminars included in this system can be used by any Greek or Italian producer or enterprise.

The courses are delivered in form of seminars that are structured in sections. The student can study the provided material that is delivered in various formats such as text, video, images, examples etc.  Furthermore, the system ‘automatically’ realizes the preferred student’s learning and personalizes the presentation of the material.

For each session, students are able to take a self-assessment  questioner which indicates the level of knowledge they have acquired in a specific seminar section and suggests them additional educational material for study.

Any individual can register to the system for free by following the instructions and completing the form in the menu selection “Registration As Student”.